Revolt Against Mubarak Many Years of delay

Revolt against Mubarak many years of delay 1986 version.


That morning seemed to be a festive morning. There was much agitation in the streets, a different climate, an excessive movement of cars and people along with many horns. I stood on the balcony watching and wondering what would be festive day celebrating the Egyptians?
Do not be in their country of origin in an environment that is familiar and foreign at times what we see before us may pass us a false impression of the facts, just what was concluded when the phone rang ...

It was my husband warned me to avoid leaving the house and did that only to find a friend who had no phone at home, there would be rumors that he was having great tumult in the city center (at the time there was no phone). Wow! And I thought it was a party! What a monkey!


When getting off the elevator and reach the street in front of the building, some policemen approached me. Until then not surprised, because that place always had police 24 h / day, to give custody to a neighbor who was protected from Gaddafi (Libya).
Talking to me in Arabic the police realized that I was foreign. Although I have noticed that they would not let me out I did not understand. I gave a misunderstanding between the foreign car pulled in and turned the corner down the street and picked up the main avenue.
After walking a few blocks this avenue size was my surprise when I came across with tanks blocking the passage. Can you imagine what would have been the reaction of a Brazilian, we are not accustomed to see tanks on the streets, even 25 years ago. Soon it occurred to me that the Arab people had not had a peaceful history as we Brazilians. It was inevitable then think that a war had broken out and my legs trembled.

Being on land that is not their country in conflict is nothing comfortable and gave me a lot of insecurity. I asked the soldiers to stop the tanks. They made me a series of questions about my destination, which was in Egypt, about my nationality, and claim my documents, passport, international driver's license. After an exchange of words between them after a while let me go with the caveat that I should go into my home, I finally gather.


Imagine my state when I came to the house of my friend was shaking like a leaf. I did not know the exact size of the gravity of what was happening. The details were few, News censored by the government. After putting my Brazilian friends abreast of developments, together we went to my house and we chose an alternative path around the side so that we avoid the soldiers.
In the mean time, at the other end of town, the driver of the Arab Brazilian factory where they worked, decided to break the lock and take them home. On the way along the Corniche Avenue bordering the Nile River, was only a riot, witnessed burning buses, fire, smoke coming out buildings, tanks and military vehicles everywhere. When they reached a barrier that blocked the way the Arab driver said to the soldier who was a Brazilian general visiting Egypt.

Just got through, still below the turmoil, came to see tents of soldiers in the desert that served as a camp. Finally, after so much uncertainty and fear, managed to cross the city overcome the adversities that were facing arrived home safe and sound. Only after the arrival of my husband at home that I could iterate over the local atmosphere.

The following days were uncertainty and insecurity, there was a great rush to supermarkets because of the threat of food shortages. The airport remained closed for a time. This measure was the worst to live with, it follows obviously if we needed to leave Cairo in an emergency as you would with the airport closed?
Measures are followed, the Mubarak government established the "curfew", meant that from a certain time no one could take to the streets. Censored by the news, we became aware of the magnitude of the events we were experiencing. Certainly we are talking about a conflict against the government of President Mubarak that 25 years ago was already showing signs of dissatisfaction by the population of Cairo. Rumors justify the conflict, increasing by President Mubarak for another year the mandatory military service period of 3 years to 4, disagreements between civil and military police.

But the intelligence service Mubarak has always been entrenched in society. The population was repressed afraid to express their opinions, so it could lead to persecution, imprisonment and even torture. Manifestations of discontent were suppressed by the government and compelled Mubarak.

Nowadays among other charges, Mubarak is being tried for the deaths of more than 3,000 soldiers of that time, during the conflict described here. Prosecutor investigates Mubarak, the dictator had ordered a massacre of officers who protested in 1986 ...

"The Egyptian Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud, has opened an investigation to ascertain the involvement of former dictator Hosni Mubarak on the death of more than 3,000 police officers during repressive actions in 1986, his lawyer of the victims.

Stories like this told here, serve as an example for dictators like Mubarak, Gaddafi, and many others. The power does not make them gods, every abuse will ever no limit accountability with what is fair. Even if it takes 30 years to happen and happen as reality comes in proving the case of military dictator Mubarak, deposed and tried. Believe it! Belated justice, but does not fail. Even being so far away geographically twist to the fall of the Egyptian Mubarak will find the condition that they seek and deserve.

Vania Tx. Souza